Strengthen your digital competitive edge with tools that unlock the value of data across marketing channels.

With the SRAX Platform you can:

  • Integrate inventory and reporting from all your vendors, channels and formats in one dashboard.
  • Build and save unique custom data segments in seconds.
  • Get deep insights into campaign optimization with a dedicated single point of contact.
Vendor comparison and scoring
Real-time campaign budget re-allocation
Customized reporting and client access

Our BIG (Blockchain Identification Graph) platform creates a secure and transparent environment for consumers to own, verify and sell their data.

With BIG, consumers, marketers and developers gain a comprehensive data management solution:

  • Consumer empowerment and compensation
  • Data verification and authentication
  • Open source governance and development

Visit the BIGtoken website to learn more:

Our social media management platform and managed social services make it easy for agencies, businesses and individuals to grow brand awareness and loyalty.

With SRAX Social you can:

  • Share, schedule and automate your content across social media channels.
  • Meet your brand goals with a strategic roadmap including content creation and custom photography.
  • Grow brand visibility by targeting influencers and print, digital and broadcast media outlets.

Visit the SRAX Social website to learn more:

SRAXmd works directly with pharmaceutical clients and agencies, delivering unprecedented access to healthcare professionals and patients using proprietary technology, and real-time event and population health data. Our core products provide:

  • 300,000+ Verified MDs that can be engaged on personal and professional devices through banners, emails or videos
  • Target List, Annual Meeting and Specialty Programs across 10,000+ Med-Legal and Regulatory Approved Sites and Apps outside of traditional journal content
  • Waiting room targeting to handheld devices that engage potential patients and caregivers at 80,000+ locations in the United States

Visit the SRAXmd website to learn more:

Our custom ad unit matches premium content with ads in a format built to perform for both content owners and marketers.

With SRAX Reach you can:

  • Enrich your owned content with additional premium content.
  • Gain guaranteed revenue from a fixed budget buy.
  • Access premium brand-safe publishers.
  • Deliver interactive cross-screen ad experiences at scale.
Fast, unobtrusive load
100% viewable
Rich-media enabled

Our intelligent stack of auto tools places your marketing campaigns miles ahead of the competition to reach highly engaged auto intenders.

With our core set of auto intender tools you can:

  • Use first-party data to ensure your brand is top-of-mind when known car buyers lease again.
  • Track and target test drivers and visitors to specific dealerships.
  • Link direct mail programs to online ad targeting.
Real-time dealership visitor data
Car registration data
Lease, loan and car buyer data

Our complete set of sports fan tools delivers high scoring brand campaigns to fans at home, in the stadium and beyond.

With our core set of sports fan tools you can:

  • Combine sports interest and behavior data to identify the most engaged sports fanatics.
  • Reach out-of-home sports viewers at pubs, restaurants and more.
  • Deliver in-stadium campaigns during peak engagement windows.
Nationwide stadium mobile network
Out-of-home sports viewing location list
Sports preference data

Contact us to discover new and measurable opportunities to target, reach and monetize your audiences.

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